Only 2 percent of first-time visitors to your site will convert into leads or sales. In order to recapture the 98 percent the best method is to utilize remarketing methods. In essence, retargeting is putting a snippet of javascript code on your site. Whenever anyone visits your site, the code will install an anonymous cookie which will then follow him/her around and then show your company’s ads to them on other sites. Brands have seen a click through rate increase of 300 percent on these retargeting ads and a 16 percent increase in conversions. It’s a cheap and effective way to reconnect with your audience and expand your reach.
Engage with Influencers

Whether it’s bloggers, vloggers or instagrammers, there’s likely some influencers in your niche that have thousands if not millions of followers. Most of these influencers have huge sway among their followers that a positive recommendation of a brand can help convert a huge amount of consumers into customers. It’s in your best interest to find these people in your network and forge a relationship with them. As always, follow good social manners and don’t ask for coverage upon initial contact. Instead, engage with their content they produce by leaving thoughtful comments.

There are several tools you can use to find influencers but the most popular are:

  • FollowerWonk for Twitter
  • AllMyPlus for Google+
  • Topsy for authors of aged but popular content

Take Advantage of Social Ads

There’s a misconception among marketers that social ads don’t work since consumers are now ignoring standard ads. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Of course, if you’re not targeting the right group you won’t see the results you want, but that’s true of your entire marketing strategy in general.

What sets social ads apart from traditional digital ads is the level of targeting available. Social platforms collect an incredible amount of personal information from its users and companies can tap into that by using social ads. You can narrow down your audience by the regular demographics right down to specific keywords and implied interests. The more you tailor your audience, the better chances you have of getting the metrics you want and being seen by the right people. Moreover, your ads are placed within the news feed instead of a sidebar so users are more likely to see it and click. These ads have been incredibly successful and many companies have found their widest audience through paid ads.

Measure Your Content Amplification Strategy

The most important aspect of your strategy is tracking your key performance indicators. Depending on your goal, this can be anything from visitors, total sales, bounce rate or comments. Once you know exactly what you need to track, it then becomes easier to tweak your content to get the results you want.