We all know that Google is more than just an online search engine. Now with a vast array of digital products, making our lives easier, high-tech and fun; from Google Earth, Google Drive, Maps, Translate, Ad Words, Ad Sense, DoubleClick Ad server, Analytics, Google+, YouTube, to its Android mobile platforms and so much more.

But these are the products we all now know well, using them on a daily basis. In reality, Google has given us much more than simply technology, business and fun. It has given us a new way of thinking. It has given us hope for the futuristic future and human mentality.

See, their workplace is set up in a way that encourages collective creativity and productivity through individual mindfulness and spirituality. This then translates into a new modern way of thinking. And indeed one that has proven to be (greatly) successful, and leading the way. Of course many companies have now followed suit.

I still remember well when Google truly exploded on to the international scene. It was when their working environment was exposed to the world. A perfect balance of work and leisure, and on your own terms, i.e. take time off from your desk at any time to recoup, relax, think, and get inspired. This comes with the support of facilities such as themed meetings rooms, chill out and meditational areas (a fantastic idea), aquariums, yoga classes, games room, arcades, billiards, gym, music, variety of cafeterias with free food, free snacks all day…the list goes on. This was when everyone wanted to work at Google (and still do). Attracting the best minds, and then enhancing their capabilities.

Google is all about thinking out of the box, and letting you know it’s more than ok to do so. Actually compulsory! This is the new generation company; our generation of thinking. And because of this, the world is moving faster, with flying colours and diversity, fun filled and inspirational concepts.