Google Penalty Recovery for Adult Websites in just $129

You suddenly suffered a major traffic loss and/or substantial drop in your rankings? You might have been hit by a Google Penalty (automatic or manual) and don’t know how to proceed. Problems might also occur if a website is victim of a cyber attack and receive unwilling inbound links from doubtful sources. As a consequence of violating Google’s best practices, websites can get penalized and loose a lot of ranking for multiple keywords and thus lots of search engine traffic. We are here to help you in the recovery process to regain your traffic.

There are two main Google penalties that your site can suffer:

Manual Penalty

This penalty is a manual action coming directly from Google’s spam team. They are rarer and usually due to the utilization of various black-hat SEO techniques or negative SEO from hostile competitors.

Algorithm Penalty

These are the most common Google penalties as they are automatic and related to the Google algorithm updates such as “Panda, Penguin, Humming Bird” which can have devastating effects on your site’s traffic and rankings.

Whichever penalty you are receiving from Google the main effects are:

  • Graduate or sharp traffic decline.
  • Traffic is going down steadily and stabilizing.
  • Loosing search ranking position for certain targeted keywords.
  • Pages containing specific keywords are getting de-indexed.
  • Warning messages from Google on your Search Console.

Google Penalty Recovery: How does it work?

In order to resolve and recover your traffic and rankings after a Google penalty, we are following a very precise plan to be sure to be successful. To do so, we need to consider all the following actions:

Remove copy and thin content :

Always remember “Content is king” Google like unique and quality content so first of all remove all thin and copy content with unique content .

Collecting Backlink Data

The first step is to collect all your inbound link data and URL from referral domains. To do so, we are using Google tools as well as third party tools to be sure to get all the necessary information without letting anything out.

Identify Spam Links

From the complete list of backlinks we created, we will identify the low-quality or even spammy links that might have caused the Google penalty on the first place. We consider domain authority, indexation status, out-going links, low quality blogs or forum and much more.

Using Disavow Tools

Additionally, once our link profile has been cleaned up, we will use Google Disavow tool to be able to declare all the offending links that we didn’t manage to remove by contacting the webmasters. This tool is to use very carefully and need a very specific syntax to be considered valid.

Submit a Reconsideration Request

The reconsideration process is the final part to obtain the recovery from a Google penalty. We will basically contact the Google Webspam team to ask them to reconsider your website case showing that we took all the necessary steps and actions to rectify the wrong-doing.

Wait for Positive Feedback

We Sit back, brew a coffee or a tee and wait for Google Search Quality Team to reply to your request. At this point, that is the only thing we can do! Reconsideration are usually taking from a few days to 2 weeks. Until now we have had 100% success rate in our requests, we are expecting to keep this percentage as it is!

Check out our affordable penalty recovery package and start a successful online campaign for your business with us.